MIT 1.018/7.30/12.031 Fundamentals of Ecology (UG)
(last taught Fall 2020)
Fundamentals of ecology, considering Earth as an integrated dynamic living system. Coevolution of the biosphere and geosphere, biogeochemical cycles, metabolic diversity, primary productivity, competition and the niche, trophic dynamics and food webs, population growth, and limiting factors.

Co-taught with: Dave Des Marais

MIT 12.849/12.349 Mechanisms and Models of the Global Carbon Cycle (G/UG)
(Spring 2021)
Addresses changes in the ocean, terrestrial biosphere and rocks modulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide on time scales from months to millions of years. Includes feedbacks between the carbon cycle and climate. Combines hands-on data analysis with the formulation of simple models rooted in basic physical, chemical, and biological principles. Students create individual “toy” global carbon cycle models. Students taking graduate version complete different assignments