Current Research Group

PhD Students


Junkun Ren (2021 – )
Zoe Aarons
(2020 – )
Alexandra (Lexi) Jones (2019 – )
Arianna Krinos (2019 – )

Post-doctoral Scientists

Dr Greg Britten
Dr John Casey
Dr Deepa Rao
Dr Enrico Ser Giacomi
Dr Zhen Wu

Research Affiliates

Dr Ioannis Tsakalakis

Research Scientists

Dr Rogier Braakman
Dr Chris Follett
Dr Gael Forget
Dr Helen Hill (Project Coordinator, CBIOMES)
Dr Oliver Jahn
Dr Jonathon Lauderdale
Dr Anne Willem Omta
Dr Ryan Woosley

I also work closely with Principal Research Scientist Dr Stephanie Dutkiewicz,  and Principal Research Engineer Chris Hill

Former Research Group Members

Former PhD Students

Dr Deepa Rao (2020) – Postdoctoral Associate, Follows Group, MIT
Dr B.B. Cael (2019) – N.O.C. Southampton, UK
Dr Emily Zakem (2017) – Post-doctoral Fellow hosted by Prof. Naomi Levine, University of Southern California
Dr Keisuke Inomura (2016) – Assistant Professor URI (spring 2021)
Dr Sophie Clayton (2013) – Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University
Dr Chris Kempes (2012) – Resident Professor, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM.
Dr Andrew Barton (2011) – Assistant Professor, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD.
Dr Fanny Monteiro (2009) – Lecturer, Bristol University, UK
Dr Payal Parekh (2005) – Climate Consultant,, Bern, Switzerland (co-advised with John Marshall))
Dr Taka Ito (2004) – Associate Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech (co-advised with John Marshall)
Dr Galen McKinley (2002) – Professor, Columbia University (co-advised with John Marshall)
Dr Rong Zhang (2001) – Research Scientist, GFDL, Princeton, NJ (co-advised with John Marshall)

Former Post-docs and Research Scientists

Dr. Mukund Gupta (2020) Post-doc, Caltech.
Dr Aboozar Tabatabai (2017 – 2018)
Dr David Talmy (2015 – 2018) – Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
Dr Mohammad Ashkezari (2015-2017) – Research Scientist, University of Washington
Dr Darcy Taniguchi (2014-2016) – Assistant Professor, UC San Marcos
Dr Ben Ward (2009-2012) – Royal Society Research Fellow, University of Southampton, UK
Dr Nadav Kashtan (2009-2011) (co-hosted with Prof. Sallie Chisholm) – Assistant Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Dr Manfredi Manizza (2006-2009) – Project Scientist, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Dr Anna Hickman (2008) – Lecturer, University of Southampton, UK
Dr Irina Marinov (2004-2006) – Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Past MIT UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) students

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (2020 & 2021):

As primary supervisor:

Mydia Pham (Bio. and Chem.), Summer, Fall 2020, IAP 2021
Peter Duff, (CEE), Summer, Fall 2020

As faculty co-supervisor:

Christine Padalino (Chem. Eng. and EAPS). Summer, Fall 2020. IAP 2021 (Advisor, Greg Britten, Post-doc)
Katherine Tso (Material Sci. and History). Summer 2020 (Advisor, Greg Britten, Post-doc)
Michelle Yin (Bio. Eng.). Summer 2020 (Advisor, Greg Britten, Post-doc)
Amy Zhong (Bio. Eng.). Summer, Fall 2020. IAP 2021 (Advisor, Arianna Krinos, Graduate student)
Tetiana Gusak (Computer Sci. and Biology). Fall 2020 (Advisor, Deepa Rao, Post-doc)
Stephany Panhasopheak Pang (Physics and Computer Sci.) Fall 2020, IAP 2021 (Advisor, Deepa Rao, Post-doc)
John Shackleton (Physics). Spring 2021 (Advisor, Anne-Willem Omta, Research Scientist)
Vincent Bian (Math). Summer, Fall 2020. IAP 2021. (Advisor Chris Follett, Research Scientist).
Merrick Cai (Math). Summer, Fall 2020. IAP 2021. (Advisor Chris Follett, Research Scientist).

Other Undergraduate Research Students (2020):

Julia Simon (Stanford), summer 2020. MSRP student.


Marie Savoie (Spring 2016) – MIT student
Ali Trueworthy (Spring, 2014) – MIT student
Derric Tay (Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008)
Amy Du (Summer 2007, Fall 2007)
Scott Grant (2005-2006) – Financial sector

EAPS Undergraduate Advisees (2020):

Christine Padalino. (Chem. Eng. and EAPS) – EAPS advisor.
Azzo Seguin. (Writing and EAPS) Senior Thesis Project Advisor

Former Research Assistants

Eric Downes (2008-2009) – High school teacher
Cody Holden (Suffolk University undergrad, October 2009 – May 2010) – Quality control analyst, AmGen, RI