Miscellaneous Downloads

Simple Matlab scripts to explore Resource Competition and mechanisms for maintaining diversity in plankton populations.

Scripts to simulate and explore the relationships between resource supply, populations, and competition of simple, microbes (described by Monod kinetics) in the context of a chemostat (continuous culture). The matlab scripts should provide some simple examples to help get started in modeling and programming, as well as some basic explorations of ecological concepts. Slides outlining the tools and questions are here.

Script 1: One organism, one resource here

Script 2: Two organisms, one resource here

Script 3: Two organisms, two resources here

Ocean Date View (ODV) Cheat Sheet and test data set

An ODV cheat sheet: Step by step instructions for importing and plotting the example ocean data set are below with  notes here

Data from a section across the Florida Straits in ascii format (space separator) for use with ODV cheat sheet is here

Combining/merging two spreadsheets in a collection: notes are here